"It could be Florida or the Bahamas and those cruising shadows could be bonefish, but it's not.  The trees surrounding the sandy and rocky flats are pines, not palms, and the water is fresh, not salty.  It's a warm day in late May and smallmouth bass have come to Wilderness State Park's coastline to spawn." - Morgan Sherburne

Waugoshance Point is a 2.5 mile-long-cape that juts into Lake Michigan from the northwest coast of Michigan's lower peninsula.  Located west of Mackinaw City, Wilderness State Park was created in the 1950s, following up a history of a Civilian Conservation Corps camp during FDR's New Deal, as well as the U.S. Army Air Corps use of the point as military target practice during World War II.  "So there's a reason Goose Bay, at Waugoshance Point, is suspiciously bowl-like - some of the live bombs formed those craters" - Sherburne.

Now Wildnerness State Park welcomes campers, hikers, and definitely anglers targeting smallmouth bass and carp in the shallow water flats of its bays and backwaters.  Not a building in site, very few boats, and gin-clear flats will make you think you are on some remote island in the middle of the caribbean chasing bonefish...but instead of your traditional bones, it's golden bonefish (common carp), and bronze-backed smallies cruising the flats.  This is the place to get a solid bend in that 8/9 weight rod, and some reel screaming action!