The Boyne River is relatively small (less than 40 feet) for most of its length, however, do not let its small size fool you.  Throughout the system are very prolific hatches of mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, midges and terrestrials and the trout are generally eager to take a well presented fly.  The North Branch and South Branch of the Boyne hold a generous amount of beautiful wild brown and brook trout.  The water is tight on these branches, technical casting is required, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.  There are opportunities for fishing along the South Branch within walking distance of the Resort.  Just north of the Resort, the two branches meet and make their journey through some fantastic fishing opportunities on their way to Lake Charlevoix.  The Everett Kircher Preserve is just below the confluence...with the cold water coming together, the Preserve is the best private access water northern Michigan has to offer.  At the end of the Preserve, the river dumps into Kircher Pond.  Much like the Preserve, the pond's only access is through a trip with Boyne Outfitters.  The pond's diverse waterfowl, scenery and monster northern pike and smallmouth bass can lead to a very rewarding adventure.  Kircher Pond then spills through the BOYNE Resorts hydroelectric dam to make its last leg to the lake.  Below the impoundment down to Lake Charlevoix, the river has great hatches as well as fantastic opportunities at steelhead and salmon in the spring and fall.  The Department of Natural Resources annually stocks a generous amount of brown and rainbow trout at Dam Road, which can lead to some fantastic fishing opportunities in the lower stretches of the river.